Hey there Mama!

Ready to ditch the clutter for good?


If you're like most moms that struggle with a cluttered and stressful home,
you've probably experienced something like this...

- moving a mountain of your kids artwork to the floor just so you can eat dinner

- hiding a laundry basket full of random stuff in your closet just before guests arrive

- going to Target to avoid being at home where you feel overwhelmed by the mess


This may be happening because you're...

- buying new clothes, shoes, and home decorations on each one of those Target runs

- storing clothes that don't fit and items you don't even like because you think you "may need them one day"

- using flat surfaces as storage for your kids artwork and notes from Grandma because you don't know what to do with them


And in order to fix it, maybe you've tried...

paying hundreds of dollars for a storage unit to store everything you don't have space for OR buying pretty organizers that just don't work for your unique situation


But, let me ask you this... has it worked so far?

If you’re like most of the moms I’ve talked to, the answer is most likely “no”

And that’s because all of these strategies aren’t addressing the root of the problem…that you've likely accepted that this is just how mom life is when you're not one of those "naturally organized people"

Hey, I'm Katie...and I get it.

Listen, I get it...

I have been where you are - ashamed and embarrassed by the mess but also don’t want help because you have no idea what your family will find.

I felt territorial over my mess, constantly had to tell my toddler “no, don’t touch that”, and begrudged family members who didn’t respect my stuff - even though it was clearly in the way.

I get it…I am a recovering clutter hider.

When I had my first job, I did a lot of shopping but I didn't really wear the clothes I bought. So they ended up with the tags still on, in my closet.

I moved several times for work and each time, packed up those bags of clothes into boxes and moved. Sometimes I never even unpacked them!

Multiply that by several moves, marrying my husband, having 2 kids, and moving into our forever home, I knew something had to change.

AND I knew it couldn’t take me all day because now I have little ones who need my attention. Attention I WANT to give them🙂

So, I set out on a mission to declutter my house once and for all.

I bought organizers, calendars, and “how to” books. And you know what happened? Those ended up as clutter too.

Through a lot of trial and error, I figured out what worked. And what didn’t.

That's why I created the Peaceful Home Blueprint. I don't want you to have to keep decluttering the same space over and over before you figure out what actually works.

I want to give you a shortcut to peace!

IMAGINE, if instead of a cluttered, chaotic home, you...


Felt ready for visitors at any time

without having to worry about the last minute whirlwind declutter


Felt refreshed walking in your front door

without seeing piles of mess that need your attention


Could clean your house easily and in less time

without having to move items out of the way just to vaccum

What would having a decluttered home make possible for you and your family?

  • Would be able to have guests without spending an entire day getting ready?

  • Would be able to unpack from vacation without staring at the suitcases for weeks after you return?

  • Would regain control over your laundry situation

So, how do you make those dreams a reality?

It all starts with decluttering using the...

Peaceful Home Blueprint

Together these 5 steps will take you from chaotic and stressed to peaceful and calm...

But it’s important that you follow all 5 steps

Let’s take a look at each step

Step 1: Picture

Picture your ideal space. What can you do in the space that you can’t now? Learn how to see and uncover your ideal space hiding in the mess you see now. You'll be working towards YOUR unique, individualized space that meets your needs. Not some one size fits all set up that doesn't fit your life.

Step 2: Plan

Plan how to conquer the clutter. We’ll break this up into tiny manageable sections that actually fit into YOUR schedule. This is not about rigid and fixed schedules that may work when you don't have anything else to do, but don't fit into your daily life. But, you're busy! This is making a plan so you can make a difference even if you only have 5 minutes a day.

Step 3: Perform

Perform the decluttering in a way that’s not overwhelming and is sustainable. Have you ever tried to do one massive decluttering session? You pull out everything and get started. It takes you way longer than expected. Maybe you finish and maybe you don't. Maybe you're pulled away into something else and have to re-pile the mess up around you and throw it back in the closet, feeling like you've made absolutely NO progress. This will allow you to make sustainable changes, in just minutes a day, without have to spend your entire Saturday afternoon dealing with the clutter.

Step 4: Parking Lot

Have you ever started to declutter an area and then all of a sudden, you're distracted by an object you don't know what to do with or something sentimental? Utilize my parking lot method to avoid distractions by the shiny objects - aka sentimental objects and things you don’t know what to do with.

Step 5: Practice

We will implement 5 minute rounds to ensure you sustain your success and don't revert back to that cluttered home. You will also figure out what is serving you AND change what isn’t so your house is working for you and not against you.

Ready to uncover the peace hiding in your home in just minutes a day?

I’m ready to help you!

which is why I created the...

Peaceful Home Blueprint Course

go from chaos to calm and reveal that welcoming home that you want to walk into

After the next 90 days of using my process, you'll have...

☑️ closets you don't have to lean against to close the doors

☑️ a living room you feel refreshed to walk into

☑️ a system to enjoy your kids artwork

☑️ pride in your unique home where you can show off sentimental items and not throw them in a box

☑️ time saved each day not having to look for misplaced items


"I was able to make a major improvement on my home office space through the tools I learned. This has made the space so much less stressful to work in. I am super excited to see how I can apply what I’ve learned to other areas of my home!"

- Kristin

"I joined and have been having success. It goes more in depth with her method as well as other perks. I did this play area following her plan and guidance a few weeks ago. Did a 6 minute tidy this morning. Would have been 20 or 30 minutes before. Thanks, Katie for sharing your method, encouragement, and helpful tips!!"

- Sherri

"[I] was able to get back on track and prepare for my move to Italy where we purchased a house. The anxiety was overwhelming because I did not know where to start. My dining room table became my catchall to place things that I did not know what to do with. [This]was a perfect re-start for me. It allowed me to take a breath and stay focused with Katie’s instructions. Thank you for this great resource!"

- Kay

"Katie is a great listener which allows her to give advice and feedback in a way that helps you find your own solutions"

- Chris

"Katie is able to explain difficult things in a clear and concise way that makes things that used to feel impossible seem possible"

- David

"[My workspace is] going to look so much better at the end of this week! I love your planning. Breaking it down into 5 minute tasks..."

- Amanda

Here is what's included…

☑️ The Peaceful Home Blueprint Course Curriculum to walk you step by step through the entire 5P3R framework.

☑️ The Peaceful Home Blueprint Workbook so that you can easily follow along the course, make a simple to implement plan for each room, and avoid the overwhelm of not knowing where to start

☑️ Room by Room Checklist so that you know exactly how to approach each room you declutter

☑️ Weekly 45 minute Group Coaching Calls so that you get your unique questions answered every week

☑️ Exclusive Facebook Community so that can connect with other peace seeking moms who are going on this decluttering journey with you

You could pay hundreds of dollars a month for a storage unit or even $500 a day for a decluttering service…and people do all the time because they know the value of having a peaceful, clutter free home and what it will mean for their life and their family...

But the great news is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to find peace in your home!

For now...

You can get started for only 2 payments of $184

or save $21 when you pay in full

As a member, you’re going to be getting more personalized support than ever, so I’m confident that you’re going to get great results.

But if you’re still wondering, ”Will this work for ME?”

Here’s my no-risk guarantee…

If you get into the program and realize that this isn't for you, no worries. Let me know before day 8 and I'll give you a full refund.

And to make this even more of a no-brainer for you, I’m including some extra goodies…



A short training so that you can master dealing with items in storage, your attic and basement, and items you only use around the holidays. Plus how to incorporate some of those sentimental items so you can actually enjoy them instead of storing them in a box.


A conversation guide so that you can get your hesitant spouse (and any other reluctant family members) on board with decluttering.


Tips, ideas, and conversation starters so that you can involve your kids so they’re working with you and not against you


Implement a toy rotation so that you can declutter your toy room and keep those toys always feeling like new.


A one on one coaching call with me so that you can tackle your biggest problem area. I'll help you create your plan so that you can avoid overwhelm and actually declutter it once and for all. We will work together to create a personalized plan that works with your specific situation!

get an extra $372 value for FREE!

so let's recap...

When you join The Peaceful Home Blueprint Course, you’re going to get everything you need to find peace in your home


✅ The Peaceful Home Blueprint Course Curriculum ($1797 value)

✅ The My Peaceful Home Workbook ($47 value)

✅ The “treasure or trash” Decision Tree ($17 value)

✅ Picture the Peace Journaling prompts ($17 value)

✅ The My Peaceful Home Room by Room Checklist ($37 value)

✅ The exclusive My Peaceful Home Facebook Community ($457 value)

✅ Weekly 45 min. Group Coaching calls ($1200 value)

✅ Dealing with All the Things Masterclass ($87 value)

✅ The "We’re in this Together" Script ($47)

✅ The “Help me Help you” Guide ($17)

✅ “Always Like New” Toy Rotation ($47)

✅ A Private 45 Minute Coaching call with me ($97)

✅ Access to all previous group coaching calls and challenge recordings ($679)

✅ The opportunity to GIVE YOUR INPUT and make this program exactly what you want and need to be successful (priceless)

✅ The MOST SUPPORT that will ever be offered in this program (especially at this price)

Total Value: $4191

Normal Investment: $347

All for just $184 today!

then one payment of $184 in a month

Here's the deal...

If you want your home to change…

What you’re doing (or not doing) has to change.

If you’re already a mom who has a peaceful, clutter free home, then Peaceful Home Blueprint isn’t for you. And you can go ahead and click off this page. 

But if you’re ready to…

> have more time for your kids and your hobbies

> be able to enjoy family dinners at the table without seeing the piles of clutter

> feel so proud of your home you want to show it off

Then, Peaceful Home Blueprint is for YOU!

Join now and start creating big change in your home

Getting Started is Simple…


Hit the button, enter your best contact info, choose your payment plan, and complete the payment process.


Log in and check out the welcome info to make sure you stay up to date with all the goodies coming your way.


Since this is the first round, I’ll be delivering things as we go. You’ll watch the trainings, come to the calls, and do the exercises.


As you do the work, you’ll see the changes. In just 90 days, you'll be walking into the peaceful home of your dreams.

Don’t let another day go by overwhelmed by all the clutter.

90 days from now you could either be…

Tripping into bed over that same pile of clutter because nothing changed.


Relaxing with your family in your peaceful living room because you joined us today.

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access to the course

How much time can I expect to invest each week?

This program is set up to declutter in just minutes a day. Plus you will have time each week for the coaching calls and support community which you can invest as much or as little time as you would like,.

How do I access everything?

You will access everything in your member portal

If I join and I don’t like it, can I get a refund?

Yes, there is a 7 money back guarantee

What if I’m not a mom?

That's ok! This course is right for you if you want to declutter your home regardless of if you are a mom.

What if my home is decluttered by I have a storage unit, attic, garage, or basement I need to tackle?

This course is right for you regardless of the area you would like to declutter!

What if I like doing one massive declutter?

That's okay! This course will teach you how to avoid the massive stressful declutter and break it up into manageable sections but if you'd rather doing it all in one session, you can.

What if I don’t have time for this right now?

This course is set up to be able to do in minutes a day. And, by decluttering your home, you will free up time each day spent looking for items.  

What if my family members aren’t on board?

That is a common problem which is why In the course, we will talk about how to involve hesitant family members and kids.  

I’ve purchased decluttering programs in the past, will this actually work for me?

This course is centered around making a plan that works for you and your unique home with your individual schedule and commitments. It's not cookie cutter.

Cant I just figure this out on my own?

Maybe, but with this course you will have the comradery and accountability of the group and your investment, so you don't have to spend the same amount of time and energy researching but can actually devote it to decluttering.

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